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Boonah Airfield
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Boonah Airfield Information

Ultimate Aero is based at the Boonah Airfield in the Scenic Rim.  If you are flying in for aircraft maintenance, please see the specifications below. We also have Avgas available. Check below for handy links to airfield cameras and local weather forecasts.

Avgas available at Ultimate Aero

Avgas available at Ultimate Aero Boonah

Airspace Class G

Radio Communication Frequencies:

Boonah Airfield - CTAF: 122.75 MHz
​Brisbane Centre: 119.5 MHz

Airfield VHF: CTAF 122.75

Area VHF: 130.4 BN CEN

AVFAX Code: 4018 (Amberley)


Runway Directions

04 and 22


Slope 2% down to north

Lat S28' 01' 50"

Long E 152' 41' 52"

Elevation 330 feet

Runway Length

Marker to Marker = 730mts 

Undershoot South End = 120 mts

Undershoot North End = 300 mts

Total Runway Length = 1150 mts

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