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Ultimate Aero mission statement
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Mission Statement

Mission Statement:
Our mission at Ultimate Aero is to practice honest, reliable, and quality working practices, to meet all of our clients’ needs. We believe we can achieve this mission by employing a high qualified staff who understands an attention to detail, the importance of a satisfied customer, and has integrity and honesty.

Vision Statement:
Be the most dependable aircraft maintenance company in the industry by combining personalised customer service, a resolute commitment to safety and quality and the sincerity to be the aviation maintenance company of choice for both customers and employees.


  • We treat everyone with dignity and honesty while pursuing win-win solutions.

  • We appreciate the different experiences and skills our teammates bring to our business

  • We demonstrate respect for our clients and each other by:

    • Really listening to them
    • Assuming the best intentions
    • Proactively communicating



  • Do what we say and say what we do



  • The health and safety of our clients and our team comes first and takes precedence over the attainment of other objectives. If there should at any point exist a conflict between safety and other objectives, the conflict must be worked out so that we can deliver our objectives safely



  • We enthusiastically give our best service

  • We always look for ways to improve ourselves and our business

  • We are all accountable to each other

  • We strive for optimal efficiency and professionalism in all that we do

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